Journey, with or without Steve Perry

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Journey, with or without Steve Perry

Post by 72lf on Tue Nov 11, 2008 6:37 am

I confess......I love Journey.
Always have.
Iv no idea why but they have always struck a chord( probably a power chord) with me.
Whetehr it was the early days with Greg Rolie who was and is a great vocalist( he wrote and sang Black magic woman for Sanana with Neil Schon on Guitar) to the moment Steve Perry....the VOICE joined, and then left.
The later turmoil of whats considered the glory years, with Perry were nigh on impossibly difficult for the founder members and Perry actually fired Ross Valoty and Steve Smith at one point....

Well, Time has passed, they have a great new vocalist in Arnel Pineda, who is simply stunning live, have produced new albums constantly, the latest Revelation is actually a damn fine album if you like that sort of thing. It is, however, great to see them carry on and make new material , when the market and illigal downloads makes is financial suicide for some bands to release new material.
Some other bands that I grew up with such as Van HALEN or Kiss have lost what made them special, and have resorted to constamtly touring 30 yr old songs rather than write new ones....

So , let me know what you think of them , good or bad, Id be interested to hear all views.
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