New Console Room.

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New Console Room.

Post by The Browncoat Cat on Tue May 01, 2012 3:52 pm

Over on GB, there is a discussion about a new TARDIS Console Room in Series 34. Here is my impossible image of the TARDIS Console Room.
As you can see, I have gone for a blue marble interior. As the Time Lords had Cardinals, the interior is very church like. The There are two rooms to the left and right, with doors to other parts of the TARDIS. One of these rooms has a three piece suite and a coffee table, the other has a kitchen table and cupboards, a sink and work units, this is The Doctor's home, it should be homely. The view is from the alcove where the Scanner screen is located. In the distance is the door, which is up a ramp, whilst the front is a Police Box, the back is blue marble that matches the surrounding walls. The walls have roundels, however unlike the original series, they are not perfectly aligned. They appear as if they have been carved out of the marble and are all slightly imperfect.

[justify]Console is font-like, but floats above a golden pool of light. It has no visible controls, it just looks like gold speckled white marble. Only The Doctor knows what to press and when when the TARDIS is in flight. The time rotor rises and falls, as per the classic series.

What would your ideal Console Room look like?
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