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Post by Patrick on Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:47 am

Hard to believe we have already reached Episode 8, but the conclusion of our Zygon two part story does occur Saturday, and here's your brief on it:

"Humans cannot accept us the way we really are. If we cannot hide, we must fight. You’re going to be the first. You’re going to be the first to make the humans see."

The future of planet Earth is sealed in a box in Unit's back archive, and only the Doctor knows what’s inside. With Unit under Zygon control, and Clara lost, the Doctor and Osgood find themselves fugitives in a London where no one can be trusted - but the wily old Time Lord knows there is one last hope for peace. Because that box in the black archive isn’t any old box. It’s an Osgood Box!


When we left the action last week, the Doctor and Osgood were on a plane about to come under fire from a rocket launched missile. Clara was a captive of the Zygons, and her doppellganger Zygon was the one firing at the Doctor's aircraft. Kate Stewart had gone to Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico, met the local Police Chief, who also happened to be Zygon, and poor Kate looked like she was yet another victim of the Zygon advance. So what's in the Osgood box, and how do things end for poor Clara and Kate? We shall see.

So what did you think of the conclusion? Here's your chance to register praise or condemnation. Standard spoiler warning for Wrinklies outside the UK: when this thread gets unlocked upon UK transmission of the story, if you walk in here and have the plot spoiled for you, don't say you weren't warned this was a possibility.


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