The 13th Doctor: Story 2 : "Planet of the Dead"

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The 13th Doctor: Story 2 : "Planet of the Dead" Empty The 13th Doctor: Story 2 : "Planet of the Dead"

Post by sparacus on Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:11 pm

Ok people: Here is the second story script featuring the 13th Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, and her companions Jack and Nancy:


An alien landscape of great beauty. Two suns shine down on a countryside of trimmed grass-like foliage and strange bushy plants. In the distance is a mountain range but before it stands a magnificent metallic city with domed and cylindrical buildings. The TARDIS lands on the grass.

The Doctor: Here we are. I set the co-ordinates on random as I'd quite like a surprise myself. Prepare to have your minds broadened.

Jack: Ere I still says you must be pullin' our legs with all this talk of goin' anywhere out in the stars.

The Doctor: Denial is the usual human reaction to challenging ideas Jack. However you have now fully accepted that the TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside and therefore you clearly have the ability to make progress and grasp new concepts.

Nancy: So where are we ?

The Doctor: I've no idea whatsoever Nancy. Lets have a look.

The Doctor opens the TARDIS door and strides outside.

The Doctor: Jack, Nancy, come on, jog on, jog on....

Jack sighs and they follow her out into the alien landscape. Nancy falls to her knees with the shock of seeing the two suns in the sky.

Nancy: Ere this can't be real, it must be the devil's work so it must.

The Doctor: Oh come on, stop being so small-mindedly 19th century. This is an alien world and that is an alien city. Deal with it.

Jack: Ere how did we fly up into the stars in a box with no wings?

The Doctor: *laughing* I forgot that you've never flown at all in your life, even on earth. How cute.

Jack scowled and the Doctor patted him on the head.

The Doctor: Come on, lets walk to the city and make ourselves known to the residents.

They walked through the grass-like foliage. Nancy saw some turquoise berries on one of the bushes and started picking them.

Nancy: Ere these look a bit like strawberries.

The Doctor went over to her, took out her sonic screwdriver and scanned them.

The Doctor: They are fine to eat. However you'll have psychedelic visions for a week. Now that will broaden your mind.

Nancy looked puzzled and put the berries in her pocket. As they got closer to the city they saw a line of figures emerging from a very distant doorway. They were walking in a perfectly straight line towards them.

The Doctor: Here we go. The welcoming party approaches.

The aliens gradually get nearer and Jack and Nancy are shocked to see humanoid figures with light-blue skin, pointed chins and oriental eyes. They wore clothes of silver cloth mixed with blue and were of indeterminate gender.

Jack: I ain't goin' near them. Lets leg it back to your blue box.

The Doctor: Don't b e a wuss Jack. I've seen hundreds of alien species in my life. Grow some backbone.

The alien at the front of the line approached them.

Istar: Welcome to Eethan. My name is Istar. I will be your lead visitor guide. Your planet of origin please?

The Doctor: That is one of the most polite greetings that I've ever had. I'm Doctor Who and these are my assistants, Jack and Nancy. They are rather rough round the edges and please don't ask what Jack does for a living however I like them. We have travelled from earth.

Istar: Thank you. We have encountered visitors from your world before.

The Doctor: Oh. We have travelled into the future then. How is this planet organised? Are you the only intelligent species? Are there many countries?

Istar: Countries? We live in the city.

The Doctor: Yes well how many cities are there on the planet then?

Istar: Cities? There is only the city. Then there is the countryside. We enjoy the countryside but we live in the city. Our city is perfect and we are very happy. We will take you there and offer you food and entertainment.

The Doctor: I'm curious. If you don't mind me asking, what gender do you identify as?

Istar: Gender? We are all of one gender. We do not have multiple genders as your species has.

The Doctor: Oh so you're all non-binary then. Great. However that must mean that you are not fully female which is not so great. How do you, you know.....

Istar: How do we reproduce? Once per year in the Jastar season. Both partners will become pregnant.

Jack: Ere that's a bit funny ain't it? Chaps gettin' pregnant?

The Doctor: They aren't chaps Jack, do keep up. So who is in charge of your city Istar?

Istar: In charge? We are all as one. We have no hierarchy. Our society is perfect and we are happy. We will show you round our beautiful city and make you happy as well.

The whole line of aliens turned round simultaneously and started walking back to the city. The Doctor, Jack and Nancy followed. However suddenly Nancy collapsed to the ground clutching her head.

Nancy: Make it stop... make it stop.... the screaming, thousands of screaming voices.... in agony... children burning... people screaming... oh make it stop..... be continued.
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