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Work in progress...

Post by Beatly on Thu Jun 04, 2009 4:28 am

Something typically continuity-laden that I started a few months back, and I've forgotten, now, what sort of direction I wanted to take it in. I know it was going to have several flashback moments like the one in the second paragraph... but I'm not sure to what, or what the wider plot was. And I can't think of a title. Sixth Doctor (he's my Doctor) and Mel (I normally write for Peri, but this one demanded Mel). Anyway, here it is, be kind!

"The universe is home to many races who live for servitude of one kind or another, Mel. I've tried to help some of them, but some don't want to be helped. Some work as mercenaries, too. Ogrons - nasty bunch, the Ogrons, but they can be reasoned with, at least, in some basic animal way. There are some other chaps, too, vicious creatures if they're not being controlled. They keep turning up on Earth. Lots of them in Wales, I don't know why. They're nice enough usually. A bit stupid, perhaps. But... this lot, Mel, they're different. They may look like you and I, so you may think you can reason with them, get them to talk, to let you walk free, but they're ruthless. A bit like humans, really. They are not nice. I don't know what their real name might be, or where they come from, but they call themselves the Bannermen."
Mel tried to turn, but quickly regretted it - these Bannermen had placed her and the Doctor in a sort of yoke - "You must be yoking!" the Doctor had said in one of his ill-timed examples of humour - and their movement was limited. But at least they could still talk - and the Time Lord had been doing that for quite a while, now.
"Is that because of the flags they carry, Doctor?"
"I would imagine so. It's not important, though. What is important is that we get away from here. I'm quite surprised they haven't killed us yet."
"Maybe they want us for something." Mel surmised, "Information?"
"Maybe, Mel, maybe."
"What do you know that they might want to know?"
The Doctor gave a short barking laugh. "Everything?"
Mel rolled her eyes, but was glad the Doctor couldn't see her doing so. "They're mercenaries, you say. Well, someone must be paying them to get something out of us. Out of you," she corrected herself, "So what have you come to learn recently, that might be of import to someone else?"
"Lots of things, Mel. You were with me on Melissa Majoria when the Queen told us the Vore were on the move."
Mel shuddered; she certainly did remember Melissa Majoria, a planet which was one huge beehive. Millions - billions - of the little insects, just like the bees on Earth, but, according to the Doctor, much more intelligent.

"Welcome, Time Lord." The chamber filled with a huge, booming buzzing voice that appeared to be coming from everywhere, but apparently originating from the foot-long Bee that danced in circles on a ledge before them. "And welcome, human of Earth. Our agents on your world send us reports of your species' activities. Your people look after us well, but you do not care for your planet. It is dying."
Mel's mouth flapped open as she tried to think of a response, but could not. The Queen of the Bees buzzed her wings in what may have been amusement.
"Do not worry, human. We Bees will survive." The voice paused for a second, and the chamber walls came alive as thousands of Bees lifted into the air, performed a complex set of manoeuvres, and settled down again. Mel realised that the voice of the Queen was created by the movements of the Bees lining the walls. "As you know, Time Lord -"
"Please, call me Doctor," the Doctor smiled benevolently, and clutched his lapels.
"As you know, Doctor, we Bees are aware of everything that happens among insectoids, through the Tandoka Scale. We have felt new movement in the galaxy. The worlds of the outer arms have fallen to the Vore swarms, and Wirrn are massing on the moons of Kasta. The Uvodni and the Malakh persist with their futile warring. The Malmooth continue to develop to our satisfaction. But the Vore are our concern now. We fear they may spread further than we can contain them. We require your assistance!"
The Doctor bowed deeply, with a flourish, and Mel saw his smile flicker briefly into a scowl, but it was back by the time he stood upright again. "But of course, your majesty. I'll get onto it straight away. Come on, Mel." He quickly grabbed Mel's forearm, and turned to leave, but a cloud of Bees quickly surrounded them and buzzed threateningly.
"Do not let us down, Doctor!" the voice boomed, much louder than before; Mel covered her ears, "We will be watching!"
The swarm dissipated, and allowed the Doctor and Mel to return to the TARDIS. He didn't say a word until they were safely away from the planet and into the Vortex. Mel remained silent, too.
"You don't intend to help them, do you, Doctor?"
The Doctor's face was set in angry concentration. "I don't think I have much choice," he said through gritted teeth, "Those Bees are among the most benevolent races in the universe, but they don't like rejection or to feel threatened. You know they killed every other animal lifeform on their world."
"That's dreadful!"
"And they've colonised dozens of other planets," the Doctor said, nodding, "Earth included. I don't think they intend genocide there," he added quickly, at his companion's look of shock, "But you heard what she said about what your people are doing to the planet. If they feel threatened..." he trailed off and left Mel to make her own conclusions. He stabbed at a few controls on the console, then turned to her with a smile.
"Come on, we have some Vore to squash."

"But I don't think that's it. The Vore don't work with anyone, and the Bannermen don't like insects. And there isn't much to tell about it, really, is there?"
Mel nudged the Doctor with an elbow, which was a painful move in itself; she had seen their Bannerman guard returning, stepping out of the shadow of the doorway in his black body armour and helmet. He was carrying a jug.
"Korlek said to give you this." The mercenary made no attempt to hide his contempt or his boredom. He lifted the jug to Mel's lips and poured. Warm water. She drank gratefully, but as much spilled down her chin and onto her clothes as went into her mouth.
"Well, thank you," she said, glaring at the soldier and hoping he would correctly interpret the scorn in her voice, as he poured a little water into the Doctor's mouth, "What now?"
"What now? What now, she says!" The Bannerman laughed and snatched the jug away from the Doctor, splashing him slightly. "You want to know what now?"
"Yes! Yes, I do!"
"Mel." The Doctor spoke through clenched teeth, and tried to nudge her the way she had nudged him. The Bannerman laughed again.
"Here's what now!" He threw the rest of the water into her face, and left the room, laughing, calling "Thank you!" over his shoulder.
"Do try to be careful, Mel. You'll get us both killed."
"Well, I don't see you doing anything! We're locked up here on this ship of theirs, and if they take off, we'll be leaving the TARDIS behind in that, in that... swamp back there."
"I am aware of this. And I am doing something."
"I'm thinking."

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Re: Work in progress...

Post by Paksena on Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:25 pm

Nice start. It will be interesting to see where you go with this one. Keep it coming.
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