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Post by Patrick on Thu Nov 12, 2015 11:11 am

Episode 9? Already? Well, yes, I have to say that we have more episodes behind us than in front in the current series.

So, Mark Gatiss returns to script writing duties with a story about a machine that eliminates your need to sleep. Not surprisingly, in a Gatiss story where some blinkered genius decides to tamper with human nature, there are some nasty side effects. If this sounds like something you saw in David Tenant's era, you could very possibly be correct. But we shall see on Saturday, 14th November.

Just a friendly reminder that once this thread is unlocked upon UK transmission of the episode, anyone who wants to post thoughts, reactions or commentary regarding plot points and story resolution is perfectly free to do so without being required to put those thoughts, reactions or commentary into spoiler wraps. So if you're anywhere outside the UK, be warned not to scroll down before you've seen the story, or you stand a chance of having the episode spoilered for you.


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