The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:02 pm

Ok, here is a debut episode script for Jodie Whittaker's 13th Doctor. It follows on directly from the Christmas regeneration episode.


Part 1

London 1888. A thick fog swirls around the dark, dank alleyways of Whitechapel as the sound of horses' hooves on the filthy streets can be heard in the distance. A woman dressed in dirty clothes emerges from a slum dwelling and pours a bucket of dirty water down a drain. A tall man dressed in a gentleman's suit and carrying a leather bag, his face hidden by shadows, approaches her.

Woman: Ere hello me ducky. What's a fine gent like yerself doin' around 'ere. You lookin' for a good time?

The man starts to walk past her and the woman scowls:

Woman: Ere ain't I good enough for yer then? You ain't seen me in me new bonnet. I can show you a good time right and proper I can.

The man suddenly turns around and moves towards her:

Woman: Ere that's more like it. Catherine's me name, Catherine Eddowes. But you can call me Kate.....

Suddenly the man pulls out a knife which gleams in the moonlight. Eddowes lets our a piercing scream as the man plunges it into her chest, slicing upwards. She slumps down as he carries on stabbing and slicing......

A couple of streets away the familiar sound of the TARDIS materialising cuts through the damp fog and the dim gaslight. The door opens and the Doctor staggers out into the street, confused and nauseous and bumping into a young man in leather boots who was striding down the street smoking a pipe.

Jack: Hey watch out.... oh sorry madam, thought you were a fella.

The Doctor: *Holding on to Jack to steady herself* So it's worked. I've finally regenerated as a woman at last. I can put my past behind me and be the gender I always wanted to be. I presume you don't have a mirror on you.

Jack: Ere I do as it happens. I always carries a mirror as I needs to look my best for the punters.

Jack reaches into his pocket and hands the Doctor a face mirror. The Doctor grabs it and studies herself in it.

The Doctor: Hmmm. Nice cheekbones. Love the blonde hair. Looking good Doctor, looking good.

Jack: *Grinning* Hey I get yer now. Blimey you had me fooled there good and proper.

The Doctor: What the hell are you babbling on about?

Jack: *Laughing* You're doin' a Boulton & Park ain't yer. The drag queens. I must say you're much prettier than them. But you ain't got the dress and stuff on, just made your face up.

The Doctor thwacks Jack hard on the face:

The Doctor: How dare you insinuate that I'm a man in drag. I'm a woman. All woman. I never want to be a man again ever. Only women know emotional truth.

Jack: Ere that hurt. Why are you dressed as a fella then if yer ain't one? Has some gent made yer dress like that so he can pretend he's with a pretty lad like me? Why don't you give me his address.....

The Doctor: No man makes me do anything. Now what year is this and where am I?

Jack laughs.

Jack: Ere you been at the opium? This is London an' its 1888. I'm Jack Saul, Dublin Jack to his friends and associates *taking off his hat and bowing to the Doctor*.

Suddenly in the distance there is the sound of screaming, a commotion and then of a policeman's whistle being blown.

The Doctor: What the hell is all that about?

Jack: Ere it sounds like he's been at it again. The other Jack.... yer know Jolly Jack.... the ripper.

The Doctor and Jack follow a policeman who was running through the fog towards the alleyway where the commotion was coming from. Entering the alley, the Doctor pulled out her sonic screwdriver and switched on its torch function. Shining it into the dank alley they saw a scene of utter horror. Catherine Eddowes lay in the corner with her throat cut and her body disembowelled........ be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:03 pm

OK, here is part 2 of the 13th Doctor's debut story:


The Doctor and Jack stared at the vision of horror in front of them, while a policeman vomited in the corner of the alley. The Doctor examined the corpse then turned to the group of policemen who were now present.

The Doctor: This is exactly why I have no wish to ever be a man again. Jack the Ripper exemplifies the worst excesses of male violence towards women.

Policeman: I think you should come away from here madam, if you don't mind. This is no place for a lady.

The Doctor: Don't patronise me you condescending buffoon.

The Doctor scanned the corpse with her sonic screwdriver and then looked at it puzzled.

Jack: Ere, what is that thing?

The Doctor: It is a sonic screwdriver Jack and right now it should not be giving off that dull glow. It indicates the presence of radiation. Given that this is 1888, I may have been rather hasty in attributing this murder of ordinary male psychopathic behaviour. I think it's time to pay a visit to a couple of old friends of mine who may be able to shed some light on all this.

Jack: 'ang about, I need to get back to me new digs in Cleveland Street as I've got a client comin' round. A real toff he is from ......

The Doctor: That will have to wait Jack. I'm the Doctor and I'm used to having a companion to fob some of the workload off onto. I'll pay you double your usual earnings.

Jack: Go on with you, you're 'avin' me on. Who ever heard of a lady Doctor.

The Doctor pulled a pile of blank notes from her pocket which the TARDIS made look like Victorian money. Jack grinned.

Jack: Ere, on second thoughts I'm all yours. You must be one of them eccentric posh women bored stiff with their dull lives and lookin' for adventure.

A short time later the Doctor and Jack arrived at the Palace Theatre and were shown into a back room where two men were enjoying a drink and a chat. One of them looked up:

Jago: Good evening Madam, I'm Henry Gordon Jago, owner of this palace of perplexities, this castle of culture. What can I do for you?

The Doctor:Hello again Mr Jago and Professor Litefoot. It's me, the Doctor. You remember, the Weng Chiang business.

Jago: *Looking puzzled* Er, I'm sorry madam but I'm a bit confused. Did you mean you know the Doctor?

The Doctor: No I am the Doctor. Typical male limited imagination. I'm a woman now.

Jago:*To Litefoot* The woman's insane. Just let out of bedlam no doubt. Funny she knows the Doctor though.

The Doctor: Ok, I can see that it is too much for you to take in. Ok it was just my little joke, I'm a friend of the Doctor, ok? I was his companion for a time.

Litefoot:*laughing* Why on earth didn't you say so. Delighted to meet you madam.

Jago:*looking at Jack* What's he doing in here. I've had to kick the preposterous young pansy out of here umpteen times for soliciting in the intervals. Caught him myself in the lavatory with a welsh guardsman.

Jack: A boy's got to earn a livin' ain't he?

The Doctor: Will both of you just shut up! I need some urgent information. Are there any rumours as to who Jack the Ripper is? I mean you must have heard talk from audience members, stage hands and so forth.

Jago: Now that's hardly a topic to discuss with a lady.

The Doctor: Cut the sexist claptrap Jago and answer the question, *shaking head* men.

Jago: Forceful isn't she. Ok madam, yes I have heard rumours and I don't believe a word of them. Pernicious poppycock and monstrous meanderings.

The Doctor:*Fixing him an icy stare* WHAT have you heard?

Litefoot: Please madam, there is no need to shout, I've got a headache. Since you know the Doctor, I'll let you know the details, but I'd ask you not to go spreading it around. The latest rumour is that these are not just ordinary murders but part of some kind of conspiracy or cover up. Several of the ladies were, how shall I put this delicately, ladies of the streets...

Jack: *Interrupting* He means whores.

Litefoot: Yes young man and I'd thank you not to interrupt me with your filthy talk. The ladies had fallen on hard times and were doing cleaning work and topping up their income with ... you know.. other work shall we say. The rumour that has been flying around this theatre is that they had a particularly illustrious client and have been silenced by those keen to protect this person from scandal.

The Doctor: What do you mean by 'illustrious client'?

Jago: Royalty madam, royalty.......... be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Wed Jul 26, 2017 4:29 pm

Ok people, here is part three of Jodie Whittaker's debut adventure:


Having left the Palace Theatre, the Doctor and Jack had waved down a horse drawn cab to take them to the mortuary.

The Doctor: I need to see the body for myself to see if there are any unusual peculiarities above and beyond the kind of frenzied mutilations I would expect in this case. Remind me how many previous murders there have been?

Jack: Three of 'em for definite, Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman and Lizzie Stride, and there's talk of others he did in before. 'Ere I wouldn't take much notice of what that old Jago geezer said about them 'avin a royal client. I didn't like to say in front of them but they're mixin' up their rumours.

The Doctor: What do you mean?

Jack: Well I knows a lot about the game. The prince of Mary-Anns so I am, at least that's what they calls me back at the dilly. Any how the only top royalty said to like a lark with the ladies of pleasure is none other than the Prince of Wales himself. But he only goes for the higher end sort of girl. He wouldn't lower himself to go with the likes of Annie Chapman and co. There is of course his son Prince Bertie, or as the toffs call him Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence and Havondale.

The Doctor: You think he may be royal seeing the Whitechapel girls?

Jack:*laughing* Nah. That's what old Jago may have 'eard but I knows different. *whispering* He'd be more interested in a lark with me he would than any girl. My landlord Mr Hammond says that Bertie boy has visited the house in Cleveland Street I'm lodging in right now and slept on the very same pillow that I'll be restin' me pretty head on tonight. With a telegraph boy named Swinscow, lucky beggar.

The Doctor: Hmm. There do seem to be a lot of sordid rumours going around and Jago may have been mixing them up. I don't suppose any of the ripper victims ever did domestic service in your current dwelling, which frankly sounds like a house of ill repute?

Jack: Nah, none of them. Didn't recognise the woman we saw earlier in the alley either. We only has one woman cleaner back at Cleveland Street and that's Mary. Mary Kelly........

The cab arrived at the mortuary and the Doctor paid the scruffy, bearded driver their fare and stepped out onto the damp, gas lit street. They knocked on the door of the mortuary and an elderly man opened it with a sunken face who was wearing a blood-soaked white apron.

Dr Soames: Yes? Can't you see I'm busy?

The Doctor: *Showing card* I'm the special Doctor sent by the Home Secretary to assist you

Soames looked at the card and frowned.

Dr Soames: You're a lady Doctor? This can't be right. Not in England.

The Doctor: They made an exception due to my father being best friend with the Earl of Salisbury. Now cut the male phallic superiority tripe and let me see the corpse of the latest victim that's just arrived.

The Doctor barged in and Soames gave a huff

Dr Soames:*to Jack* Whoever heard of a lady Doctor? Faint at the first sight of blood she will.

The Doctor strode into the room where Catherine Eddowes' mutilated corpse lay on a stone slab. A police inspector stood by it.

Inspector Reid: Madam, I insist that you leave this room immediately. This is no place for a lady.

The Doctor:*showing card* Cut the sexist crap you patronising Victorian plod. I am the Doctor and this is my assistant Jack. Who are you?

Inspector Reid: I am Detective Inspector Edmund Reid and I am in charge here madam not you.

Jack: Ere I feel proper sick. Her ears are cut off. An' he's pulled 'er innerds all out.

Inspector Reid: Of course he has you stupid boy, he's not called Jack the Ripper for nothing *To the Doctor* Madam would you like a chair to sit down on?

The Doctor: I'll sit my fist down on your nose in a minute Mr Reid if you don't stop patronising me. Typical man. *Examining corpse* Hmmm. Apart from the ears, are there any other organs completely missing?

Inspector Reid: Just a kidney and the tip of the nose. The mutilations are a bit different with each victim and seem to be getting worse.

The Doctor: That is unusual. Most serial killers stick to a pattern. It's like he's trying to throw us off the scent.

Inspector Reid: He's got the taste of blood madam. Cutting off more and more trophies.

The Doctor: I disagree. It is obvious to me Reid that whoever is carrying out these murders wants you to think that to hide his real motives.

The Doctor scans the corpse with her sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor: This corpse has been in contact with high levels of radiation recently. Given that this is Victorian London, something is very wrong here...... be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Thu Jul 27, 2017 4:35 pm

Ok, here is part 4 of this script which I hope will be noticed by the production team:


The Doctor and Jack took another can from the mortuary back to the scene of the crime, Kock & Key Alley in Whitechapel.

The Doctor: We need to question the local residents of that alley to see if anyone witnessed anything. I don't trust Victorian era policemen to do a proper job.

Jack: There's a tavern just round the corner from there, the Three Cripples. They'll all be in there gettin' Brahms and Liszt.

The cab arrived at the alley and the Doctor and Jack disembarked and walked across the dank, foggy street to the Three Cripples. A piano was playing inside and a girl was standing on a table singing:

"In these hard times,
You gotta put up with anything,
In these hard times,
You mustn't pick and choose....

The Doctor went over to the piano player, a scruffy looking man smoking a clay pipe.

The Doctor: Stop playing please. I want to speak to the crowd.

Ned: Stop playin' this 'ere old Johanna? What for Miss?

The Doctor sat on his hand, crushing it into the piano keys.

Ned: Ow....

The Doctor: *Fixing him with an icy stare* Because I say so and I am the Doctor. *Banging the side of the piano* Listen here everyone. Shut the hell up, NOW. Thank you. I wish to speak to anyone who say anything out there tonight connected to the murder that happened a few hours ago.

The Three Cripples Crowd glared at her suspiciously and a tall, dark, sinister looking man stepped forward, a scruffy dog by his side.

Bill Hawkins: Are you workin' for the peelers?

The Doctor: If you mean the police then no I am not.

Bill Hawkins:*Invading the Doctor's personal space and whispering* Then I suggest that you leave now Miss and take that mincing Mary-Ann with you. I've no wish to raise my hand to a woman, not tonight.

The Doctor: I do not like your hostile manner. Typical drunken male aggression.

Bill Hawkins went to strike the Doctor but the girl who was singing jumped off the table and grabbed Bill's arm just in time.

Nancy: Bill, Bill come on now. We don't want any more violence. Not tonight. Let me talk to them outside.

Nancy gestured to the Doctor and Jack to leave with her and the Doctor read the situation well and left quietly, the crowd glaring at her menacingly. They went out into the dank, cobbled street.

Nancy: Ere you don't want to let that lot upset you Miss. They've 'ad too much gin that's all and they're scared stiff of the ripper. I'm Nancy, Nancy Doolittle *holding out hand*.

The Doctor:*Shaking her hand* pleased to meet you Nancy and thanks for rescuing us from that thug in there.

Nancy: Bill? He's my boyfriend he is. He knocks me about a bit but he's all I've got.

The Doctor: *Annoyed*And you put up with that situation? Look it is never acceptable for a man to hit a woman in a relationship. It's abuse and by accepting it you make other women vulnerable. I'll help you if you leave him.

Nancy: Leave Bill? Never. As long as 'ee needs me I'm his Nancy I am.

The Doctor: So what do you do for a living Nancy? Are you dependent on him?

Nancy: I sings in pubs, sells flowers, gives men a good time and gives Bill the money for his booze.

The Doctor: You sell yourself to keep that idle thug in beer and gin? This gets worse. You are clearly a downtrodden doormat who lives a hideous life at the hands of a vile lazy man.

Nancy: 'Ere don't you be callin' Bill vile and lazy. He brings some good stuff home sometimes that he's half-inched from real posh houses. And I ain't downtrodden. A nice posh geezer called 'enry 'iggins has offered to teach me to speak proper. Then he's takin' me to a royal ball so I can sing for the Prince of Wales:
*starts singing*
All I want is a room somewhere,
Far away from the cold night air,
With one enormous chair,
Oh wouldn't it be laverly.....

The Doctor:*Interrupting* Thank you but we've heard enough of your singing. And I suspect this man just wants to pimp you out to the Prince of Wales, if rumours are true. However all of this has given me an idea. Nancy, I'm going to save you from your ghastly life and pay for you to have a proper education in the future. I'm a time traveller. However first I want you to do something for me. I need a decoy to walk these streets at night to lure whoever is doing these murders into a trap. It will be perfectly safe, me and Jack will be watching you all the time and if any man approaches you we'll have him.

Jack: Ere, you expect me to attack the ripper? I ain't that brave. I'm just Dublin Jack, boy of pleasure.

The Doctor: Oh act your age. *To Nancy* we will be there to protect you. What do you say *offering Nancy money".

Nancy: Ok Miss. But if Bill finds out he'll skin me alive he will.

The Doctor: Don't worry about him, Jack here can give him a good hiding if he hits you.

Jack gulped and looked nervous.

The following night Nancy began her dark, dangerous walk round the backstreets of Whitechapel, closely followed by the Doctor and Jack. The Doctor had shown Jack the inside of the TARDIS and he was still in a state of disbelief.

Jack: Bigger on the inside than out.... it ain't real it ain't.... can't be. You slipped somefink in me tea so you did. Some of that stuff they takes in the opium dens when they gets bored with the opium smokin'.

The Doctor: You'll get used to it Jack, they all do in time, even that Jamie boy from Scotland in the 1740s.

A cold, damp drizzle blew into their faces and the fog was getting thicker.

Jack: I ain't 'appy about this . We could lose sight of her in this fog and jolly Jack comes and gets her. I ain't normally out walkin' the streets when it's cold either. I likes a gent to take me home with him to a nice warm room. I ain't a back alley lad.

The Doctor: Oh really? I think a back alley lad sounds like a very apt description *laughing*. How long have you been engaging in that awful line of work?

Jack: 'Ere don't you go all lardy dah on me. I'm known throughout London and Dublin as the best lad on the game. I learned to survive in the backstreets of Dublin I did, it was either that or starve. But London is my home now and I love it.

They walked on, keeping an eye on Nancy in the distance. Suddenly a thick layer of London smog descended and they lost sight of her. Nancy turned around but she couldn't see the Doctor or Jack. A man approached her quickly , drawing a blade. Nancy screamed...................................... be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:32 pm

Ok here is part 5 of this classic Victorian-era debut story for the 13th Doctor:

"Blood of the Ripper" Part 5

Nancy screamed as she saw the knife gleaming in the moonlight. She turned to shield her face as the figure raised the knife however before he could plunge it into her, Jack was upon him, grabbing his arm. The figure scuffled with Jack then elbowed him in the face before running away into the fog. The Doctor ran to Nancy and comforted her.

The Doctor: No need to be afraid, he's gone and I'm here.

Nancy: *shaken* I thought I were a gonner.

The Doctor: Did you see his face? What did he look like?

Nancy: I.. I couldn't tell. He had a kind of scarf round his face. I just remember the eyes, dark cruel eyes...

The Doctor: You were brave, well done. However we are no better informed now than before.

Jack staggered up, holding his bloodied nose.

The Doctor: You were supposed to disarm him and hold onto him not let him get away.

Jack: He were too strong for me. About broke me nose he has.

The Doctor: Oh pull yourself together. We've had a wasted evening and that man is still free to attack and abuse women.

Jack: It ain't bin a complete waste *holding a card in the air* he dropped this he did. Fell out his pocket in the scuffle.

The Doctor took the card from Jack and examined it.

The Doctor: Hmmm. It's an entrance card for the Albemarle Club. A private members club. No name on it, however at least this gives us a clue. We'll go there now.

Nancy: Ere I'd better be gettin' 'ome to Bill or he'll have me guts for garters.

The Doctor: No way am I letting you return to that abusive criminal male. You leave him to me. I'm about to take you to an exclusive London club.

Nancy: I can practice me new lingo there that Professor 'iggins has been teaching me. Wants me to speak proper he does for the Prince of Wales. *To Jack* Ere are you ok love, here borrow me hanky *offering handkerchief to Jack*.

Jack: Thanks, at least you cares how I've almost had me nose broken. I'm goin' home I am back to me digs in Cleveland Street. A nights worth of punters I'm losin' here. Mr Hammond won't be pleased.

The Doctor: Oh stop whining like a twelve year old. Don't you realise that I'm the Doctor and I'm about to take you on adventures in time and space in the TARDIS? You've seen it for yourself. I can change your life forever. Now pull yourself together and get a grip.

The Doctor hails down a horse-drawn cab and asks the driver to take them to 13 Albemarle Street. They arrive at the club.

The Doctor: Thankfully this is one of the few clubs of this era that allow women in. The whole concept of a so-called gentleman's club is an offensive manifestation of the patriarchal hegemony.

The Doctor shows the card to the suited young man at the door.

James the doorman: Thank you madam, you may enter. *To Jack and Nancy* You two be off with you.

The Doctor: Hold on. They are with me. I am allowed to bring in guests surely.

James: These two people are your guests? But their attire?

The Doctor: Never judge a book by its cover young man.

They enter the club and see groups of men standing by the fireplaces chatting or sitting in leather chairs reading the Times. The Doctor suddenly grinned.

The Doctor: I've just spotted an old friend.

Jack: It ain't half posh in 'ere. *grinning* I knows a few of these gents as well, if you catch my drift.

The Doctor: Enough of that Jack. The toilets are over there, go and get your face cleaned up. Oh and no funny business in the toilets.

Jack scowled at her and went into the gents. The Doctor and Nancy went over to a large man in the corner who was sipping an absinthe and chatting to a younger man with a pale complexion.

The Doctor: Oscar. How good it is to see you again.

Oscar Wilde: I'm sorry madam, I don't think that we've ever met before.

The Doctor: *Pulling over a chair and gesturing to Nancy to do the same* Oh I see. I always forget that my regenerations can confuse people. It is me, the Doctor. You remember surely? The business with the aliens and Lady Ambril's dinner party.

Oscar looked at her.

Oscar Wilde: My oh my, is it really you Doctor? You did say that you could change your face and become a lady. How utterly charming, but also so tragic. I liked you as that delightful boy with floppy hair.

The Doctor: I've regenerated twice since then Oscar. And I've no desire to be reminded of my male incarnations thank you.

Oscar Wilde: Then I will never let past reminiscences pass my lips again. Have you met Bosie?

The Doctor looked at the young man with Oscar who sniffed the air arrogantly.

The Doctor: No I haven't. Is he your latest bit of rough, tarted up to look good on your arm?

Bosie: *shouting angrily* No I am not. How dare you, you insolent woman. I am Lord Alfred Douglas and I am Oscar's companion.

Oscar Wilde: *stroking Bosie's leg* There there Bosie, please don't make a scene. I'm sure the Doctor didn't mean to upset you.

The Doctor:*whispering to Nancy* Pass me the sick bucket.

Oscar Wilde: Bosie is very delicate at the moment. His father Lord Queensbury is threatening to disinherit him. I fear I will have to sue him for libel if he keeps on harassing me. It is all so terribly vulgar.

The Doctor: Do not under any circumstances sue him for libel. I will explain all later. Right now I need your help. I have reason to believe that Jack the Ripper is a member of this club. You are the most intelligent and observant individual of this era and so I'm wondering if you have any suspects.

Oscar thought for a long while and sipped his absinthe. Then he spoke.

Oscar Wilde: I have thought of little else for the past two weeks, apart from Bosie of course *gazing at Bosie who glared at the Doctor with a superior air*. Doctor I have been to the police six times with my suspicions and each time they have fobbed me off with platitudes of the most vulgar kind. There is only one thing worse than being ignored and that is being politely ignored and then asked for your autograph.

As Oscar spoke, Jack returned from the toilet and spotting the Doctor strutted over. When he saw Oscar he stopped in his tracks and looked embarrassed. The Doctor noticed this and grinned.

The Doctor:*loudly* Oh I see you two know each other. One of your past encounters Oscar? You always said you liked feasting with panthers *laughs*

Jack: 'Ere it ain't funny. He said I were special he did, then he dropped me like a stone.

Oscar Wilde:*Embarrassed* It wasn't like that Jack. I told you that I had met Bosie and that his father was spying on me with a view to taking legal action. It was best for both of us that we stopped seeing each other.

Jack: Best for you more like. What about me? Thrown back in the gutter.

The Doctor: Oh do stop this pathetic bickering. Oscar please tell me what you know vis-à-vis the Ripper?

Oscar Wilde: Well since you ask, the matter concerns the very house where this dear boy Jack resides in Cleveland Street. I have had occasion to visit said establishment on several occasions.

Jack: 'ere, More than several.

The Doctor: Shut up Jack. Go on Oscar.

Oscar Wilde: Well there used to be a gentleman who came to this club regularly, Sir Ellory Fitzwalters. Dull kind of fellow, the sort of Englishman who hears everything and sees nothing. Anyway, about three weeks ago he started asking me the most vulgar questions about the house in Cleveland Street. He'd had two much cognac and was quite insufferable. He made the most frightful insinuations about myself and said that he would go to the police if I did not give him the exact layout of the house and details of all the residents and staff. He said he was going to, as he put it, full stop someone who worked in the house and stated that there would be more besides. Naturally I refused to help him. Since then he has disappeared.

The Doctor: And so you suspect him of being the Ripper. Hmmm. He could be killing a string of people to divert attention from the one who is his real actual target. Someone working in that house.

Oscar Wilde: That is what I told the police. I fear that one of those dear boys is in danger.

Oscar looked at Jack who had gone pale with fright....... be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:10 pm

Ok folks, here is part six of this dark, Victorian debut 13th Doctor story script :

"Blood of the Ripper" Part 6

Jack was having a mild panic attack and Nancy was comforting him.

Jack: Ere what if Mr Wilde is right and one of us lads is the real target of the ripper. What if it's me he's after? I don't want me guts ripped out. I've not hurt anyone, honest I haven't.

Nancy: Don't you be gettin' all upset, we don't know that he's after one of you. Anyhow the ripper only kills women he does.

The Doctor: He's only killed women so far. That could be a subterfuge to put us off the scent. While I naturally assumed that he was a typical misogynist male pig, brutalising women, he may indeed have as his real target a male sex worker. It could indeed be you Jack, since you are clearly a reckless renter whose job may have led him to hear secrets from a client that someone wishes to ensure don't get spread. You have every reason to be frightened, indeed if I were you I'd be utterly petrified.

Jack looked up in a panicked state .

Jack: I ain't done nothin' wrong I ain't.

Oscar Wilde: Dear boy, I'm sure the Doctor didn't mean to imply that you have. Doctor, can't you help to reassure him rather than being quite so unfeeling? This awful murderer has only targeted women so far and I am not convinced that this is a mere ruse.

The Doctor: I do not require instructions from a man on how to manage my assistants Oscar. I am simply placing the facts squarely in front of us. Jack, is there anything we need to know about any of the men who visit this house in Cleveland Street? Are any of them royal? You mentioned the Duke of Clarence earlier.

Jack: I ain't supposed to be talkin' about it.

The Doctor: Don't mess me around Jack, we don't have time for that. Tell me all you know. Remember it is your life in danger not mine.

Jack: Well one of 'em is the son of the Duke of Somerset. Lord Arthur somefink. And as I said before, Charlie Hammond says that Bertie boy has been. Prince Albert Victor, the Duke of Clarence and Havondale, as the toffs call him. Son of the Prince of Wales. He slept in my bed he did with a telegraph boy.

The Doctor: Yes, you told us that before. That is certainly a motive for a cover-up, since he is second in line to the throne. I don't suppose there are any women working in this house of yours?

Jack: Nah, not on the game like. We are an hexclusive house for the uranian gentleman of refinement.

The Doctor: *laughing* Or in other words rich old poofs.

Jack: Only woman working there is our Mary. Mary Kelly. She does the cleaning and cooks us stews.

The Doctor: We need to check her out I think. Oscar does have a point about the ripper only targeting women so far. Where does she live?

Nancy: She lives in Whitechapel, round the corner from the Three Cripples Tavern. I knows Mary I does. Good for a laugh she is. When she ain't too far gone on the gin. She gets by like most of us doin' a bit of cleanin. and a bit of whorin'.

The Doctor: How sordid. Still we'd better pay her a visit. Come on.

The Doctor, Jack and Nancy took a cab from the Albermale Club to Whitechapel. The fog was even thicker and a drizzly rain had set in. The narrow streets stank of horse faeces and mould. As they walked past the Three Cripples, a drunken Bill Hawkins staggered out with his dog.

Bill Hawkins: Oi Nancy. Get here you slag. Help me get 'ome.

Nancy: Ere hold on Bill. I've got to show the Doctor where Mary Kelly lives.

Bill Hawkins: Get 'ere now or you'll get my fist in yer chops later.

The Doctor: *flouncing over to Bill* Mr Hawkins. Let me make myself clear. Talk to Nancy again like that and I will fight you and I'll rip your bollocks off. Clear?

Bill Hawkins: Ere, you've got some nerve gel, I'll give you that. I'll shows you where Mary Kelly lives an' then I'm draggin' her 'ome .

Bill staggered across the street followed by his dog, an ugly bulldog which growled at the Doctor. He banged on a window.

Bill Hawkins: Ere Mary. Get out 'ere there's some woman wants to see you. You 'ere?

He wiped the condensation from the window and peered in. He suddenly staggered back clutching his stomach and vomited profusely.

Nancy: Ow Bill that's 'orrible. You've 'ad too much gin again.

Bill: It ain't the gin... get the peelers... it's 'orrible in there. Someone's done 'er in good and proper. Get the peelers.

The Doctor rushed to the window and looked in.

The Doctor: I'm afraid that he is correct. Mary has been horribly mutilated, even her face. Utterly despicable. It seems that we are too late to help her. We have to stop this person.

............ to be continued
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:28 pm

Ok, here is part 7 of the 13th Doctor's debut story:


The Doctor kicked in the door of Mary Kelly's dark, dismal hovel and walked in, gagging at the stench of death. She gazed at Mary's disfigured and mutilated corpse before beginning a search of the room.

Jack: Ere I aint goin' in there, *shouting* you ok Doctor?

The Doctor: Yes, now stay outside all of you. I need to search the room before the police arrive as they will do so in a slapdash manner and miss the evidence.

The Doctor rummaged around the filthy, blood-spattered room and saw in the fire grate a half-burned pile of letters. She removed them from the grate and, using her sonic screwdriver as a torch, began reading what was left of them. She then emerged from the room.

The Doctor: We need to go to 19 Cleveland Street immediately.

Nancy: My Bill's gone to fetch the peelers. Shouldn't we wait for 'em to get here?

The Doctor: No.

The Doctor waved down a cab and they got in.

Jack: So are we goin' to my gaff?

The Doctor: What is left of these letters suggest that there is indeed a major royal connection to these murders. These letters are written by none other than Prince Albert Victor and they are addressed to 19 Cleveland Street. They appear to be love letters, written to a variety of young men.

Jack: Lucky bastards, so it's true. It all 'appened before I started workin' there. I 'eard that he were seein' Charlie Swinscow and Ernie Thickbroom. Bet he treated 'em real well.

The Doctor: Ernie Thickbroom certainly has an appropriate name.

Nancy: So how comes Mary had the letters? 'Ere what if she nicked 'em and were blackmailin' Prince whatshisname?

The Doctor:*laughing* Never accept the obvious Nancy. That is clearly what someone wants the police to believe. The implication of this is that the killer was acting to defend the Prince's good name by killing Mary and burning the letters. Add that to Oscar's comments about Sir Ellory Fitzwalters and we have both the motive and the killer. And yet it is all far too obvious and I don't believe it.

Jack: Why not? Ain't it clear that the others were all killed to disguise the real target, poor old Mary?

The Doctor: Again you are accepting the obvious. Most people do unfortunately. However I am the Doctor and I am not convinced. If the aim was to burn the letters, why did the killer make such a poor job of it? He would surely have made sure that the letters were fully burned or just removed them.

Nancy: But he might have been disturbed.

The Doctor: Don't buy it. He clearly had plenty of time to mutilate Mary most extensively. I'd say he spent at least an hour carving chunks off her body and removing the insides.

The cab arrived at 19 Cleveland Street and Jack jumped out and opened the front door with his key. As they entered a man with a moustache greeted them.

Charles Hammond: Jack you are late. Your client has come and gone. And who, by jove, are these ladies?

The Doctor: I'm the Doctor and this is Nancy.

Charles Hammond: My dear, we only cater for gentlemen here.

The Doctor: Don't my dear me pal or you'll get my fist in your face. I presume you are this Hammond, the pimp of this gay brothel.

Charles Hammond: Madam, I am most offended. This is a house of pleasure, not a vulgar brothel, and I an wounded top the core by your use of the foul term pimp.

The Doctor: Cut the feigned offence and drama queen routine Hammond. I want information about the Duke of Clarence. Is it true that he frequented this establishment and had rampant gay sex with two telegraph boys?

Charles Hammond: Shhhhhhh, keep your voice down madam, we have clients upstairs. No it isn't true, he has never been here. I must say I have been amused by the rumours but that is all they are.

Jack: No they ain't. Charlie Swinscow told me he'd been 'ad by Prince Bertie three times in one night.

Charles Hammond: Charlie Swinscow is a pathological liar with delusions of grandeur. The most illustrious client he is ever likely to get is old Sid the Butcher from Lisle Street.

The Doctor: You'd better not be lying to me Hammond. Where is this Swinscow now?

Charles Hammond: He is engaged with a client madam.

The Doctor bounded upstairs.

Charles Hammond: Madam you cannot go up there. Oh my, I feel one of my turns coming on *fainting*.

The Doctor started banging on doors.

The Doctor: Whichever one of you is Charlie Swinscow, get out here now. Or I'm coming in there to embarrass you and your clients.

A door opened and a naked young man peered out. The Doctor grabbed him and dragged him out and frogmarched him downstairs.

Swinscow: Ere get off me. You can't assault me like this, I knows my rights.

The Doctor: I want to interview you about the ripper murders.

Swinscow: But I ain't got me clothes on..

The Doctor: Good. That should help us get to the naked truth of the matter. Now Swinscow, have you or have you not had carnal relations with the Duke of Clarence?

Swinscow: *putting on a fake posh accent* I cannot reveal the confidentialities I have with clients.

The Doctor: Ok, let me ask another question. Would you like my fist to come into sharp contact with your eye or would you prefer to answer my previous question?

Swinscow: 'Ere that ain't very ladylike. Ok , look I made it all up. 'appy now? A fella paid me thirty nicker to say as how I'd slept with Bertie boy. Thirty nicker just for sayin' that to all an' sundry.

The Doctor: Who paid you to say that? Was it Sir Ellory Fitzwalters?

Swinscow: How the 'ell did you know that?

The Doctor: Put it down to female intuition. Someone is trying to lead us up the garden path and I don't like it. I understand that Fitzwalters has disappeared.

Swinscow: So he had. But I sees him only this afternoon. He were goin' into the Palace Theatre he was. He's friendly with a fella called Jago who runs the place.

The Doctor: What were you doing there?

Swinscow: Some of us 'ang out there hopin' to catch the eye of the theatrical types.

The Doctor: There is no time to lose. We must pay another visit to Jago and Litefoot. be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:44 pm

"Blood of the Ripper" Part 8

The Doctor, Jack and Nancy had taken a cab to the Palace Theatre. The Doctor leapt out of the cab and flounced through the theatre entrance. She saw Henry Gordon Jago chatting to some scenery fitters while Professor Litefoot was enjoying a glass of sherry.

The Doctor: Henry Gordon Jago. I have a bone to pick with you. Exactly why have you been harbouring Sir Ellory Fitzwalters in this theatre? Don't think of lying or I'll give you a Venusian kick in the groin.

Jago: Now now Doctor, no need to get into a superfluous strop of highfalutin hyperbole. Sir Ellory is a friend of mine. A friend in need is a friend indeed as they say.

The Doctor: Cut the crap. Is he here or not?

Jago: He is staying here yes. He had a spot of bother with a fire at his house in mayfair.

The Doctor: Nonsense. Such a fire would be common knowledge. This man is lying low because he is involved somehow in the ripper murders and also with a male brothel in Cleveland Street. Now tell me the truth.

Professor Litefoot: We'd better just tell her the truth Henry. I'm sorry Doctor, it is all my fault. This man Fitzwalters has been blackmailing me because he saw me in the house in Cleveland Street. He threatened to go to the papers if Henry didn't let him stay here.

The Doctor: You silly old fool Professor. A man your age putting himself at risk like that just for a fumble or two with the likes of Charlie Swinscow.

Professor Litefoot: You are right of course Doctor. But the flesh is weak.

The Doctor: Oh II'll bet that's not the only thing that's weak given your age. Why can't men ever keep it in their trousers?

Jago: Doctor is it really true that Fitzwalters is involved in these salacious slayings? Could he be the ripper?

The Doctor: No I doubt it. But he knows something. Where is he?

Jago: Sleeping in the cellar with a telegraph boy and a bottle of finest chardonnay.

Jack: Classy.

The Doctor: Shut up Jack.

Jack: I was only pointin' out that I seldom gets to share expensive wine.

The Doctor: Perhaps because you're anyone's for a tot of cheap gin. To the cellar we go companions. Onward march!

The Doctor strode through the theatre to the trapdoor leading down to the cellar. Jack and Nancy lifted it up and the Doctor bounded down the steps. Fitzwalters was lying motionless on a mattress with a naked telegraph boy dozing next to him and an empty bottle of wine resting on his chest.

The Doctor: Wake up Fitzwalters, you rogue! I want the truth about Mary Kelly and I want it now.

Fitzwalters didn't move so the Doctor strode forward and gave him a massive kick to the shin. He still didn't move so she stamped on his groin. Still no movement. However the telegraph boy groaned and rubbed his eyes.

The Doctor: Damn it, too late. This man is dead.

Alfie: *Leaping away from the corpse* Bugger me, he's a stiff 'un. Gor blimy he's gone an' carked it. Bugger me.

The Doctor: Less buggering and more information please young man.

Alfie: *grabbing clothes* I ain't stayin' here next to a corpse.

The Doctor picked up the wine bottle and sniffed it.

The Doctor: Hmmm. Smells of bitter almonds. This has been spiked with cyanide. *To Alfie* how come you didn't drink any of this? Did you put the cyanide in it?

Alfie: Gor blimy madam I ain't nuffink to do wiv any cyanide. I hates wine, it makes me puke it does. So he swigged the lot he did when he was on the job.

Jack: Ere Alfie, I know you ain't got nuffink to do with any poisoning. Try to calm down and think. Did this geezer say anything to you about why he needed to hide out down here?

Alfie: He says how he needed to disappear for a bit till the heat died down then scarper. He showed me his chest.

The Doctor: We know. You were asleep on it.

Alfie: No his chest. *Pointing* over there.

In the corner of the cellar was a wooden chest. The Doctor went over to it and saw that the key was still in the keyhole. She opened the chest and saw that it was full of wads of cash. The Doctor lifted up one of the wads.

The Doctor: This is very disturbing. There are thousands of pounds in here. However all of it is in German marks....... be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Sun Sep 10, 2017 10:33 am

Ok folks, here is part 9 of the 13th Doctor's dark, foreboding, Victorian debut story:

"Blood of the Ripper" Part 9

The Doctor stared at the German mark notes in her hand and then let them fall back into the wooden chest.

The Doctor: Hmmm. I believe that a sinister exercise in smoke and mirrors has been going on here.

Jack: I don't get it Doctor.

The Doctor: On the contrary, I think you get it far too often Jack. Forgive me I couldn't resist that. I fear that a web of false trails has been woven by the late Mr Fitzwalters to disguise what has really been going on here. There is clearly no scandal involving the Duke of Clarence and I doubt that the ripper murders are anything to do with covering up such matters. However it makes a very good red herring for any detective with suspicions of a conspiracy and that it why this particular false trail has been laid.

The Doctor saw Fitzwalter's jacket lying at the side of the room.

The Doctor: Search the pockets of that jacket Jack. Jack the jacket searcher.

Jack fumbled around in the pockets and found a piece of paper, a silver cigarette case and a wallet full of cash.

Jack: Ere, these are all there is.

The Doctor examined them.

The Doctor: *Handing the case and the notes to Alfie* You can have these for services rendered to the late departed. I am more interested in this piece of paper with the address of Aldgate Asylum on it. Come on team, the game's afoot as a certain acquaintance of mine always says.

A short time later the Doctor, Jack and Nancy arrived outside the gates of Aldgate Asylum by carriage. The fog was thick and the building was old, stark and imposing. The Doctor paid the carriage man and then opened the creaking gates. They walked up a dark path, shrouded by yew trees and rang the doorbell. Heavy footsteps from inside got louder and louder until eventually the creaking door was opened by a tall, thin, old man with skeletal features.

Symes: Yes?

The Doctor: Good evening. We have come to see the person in charge of this establishment.

Symes: Dr Grindham is busy madam. I'm afraid you must make an appointment for another time.

The Doctor: *Showing fake ID* And I'm afraid you must cut the typical male staling and let us in. I am from the Home Secretary's office.

Symes: This is most unusual. We never have lady inspectors.

The Doctor: No because a woman would do the job properly. Well you've got one now.

The Doctor barged in past him, followed by Jack and Nancy. She strode through the entrance hall and, seeing a doorway, barged through it. A man was sat behind a desk drinking a glass of whisky.

The Doctor: Are you Grindham?

Dr Grindham: Who the devil are you? Yes I am Dr Grindham and what do you mean, madam, by barging into my office?

The Doctor: Cut the pompous crap Grindham or Jack here will punch you in the teeth. I want information. I want to know if Sir Ellory Fitzwalters has brought a patient to you in the last few days and if so where is said patient. Don't bother lying to me as I can spot such lies a mile off.

The Doctor held up her fake ID.

Dr Grindham: A lady inspector? Whatever next? As a matter of fact Sir Ellory did bring a patient to us. What of it? Sir Ellory is a philanthropist and a gentleman and he is always willing to help the less fortunate.

The Doctor: Sir Ellory is dead. Now who and where is this patient? I should advise you that you may be charged with conspiracy to cover up murder if you don't start talking. That means a nice trip to Botany Bay. So spill.

Dr Grindham: Ok, ok *to Jack* not very ladylike is she your boss. Sir Ellory brought Kosminski to us only earlier today in fact. Aaron Kosminski. A terrible case of madness if ever I saw one. We had to chain him up immediately.

Jack: Chain 'im up?

The Doctor: Clearly Dr Grindham's idea of treatment is rather primitive even for this backward century Jack. Take us to this Kosminski person now Grindham.

Dr Grindham: Oh no. We don't allow ladies into the patient cells, unless they are patients themselves. It is far too distressing.

The Doctor: You male chauvinist pig. Do what I say now or I will contact my superiors in the Home Office. Nancy and I are strong, independent women not quivering shrinking violets.

Nancy: Ere I'd rather stay here if it's all the same Doctor. I ain't to keen on goin' in a madhouse.

The Doctor: Stop embarrassing our gender Nancy. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Dr Grindham took out a pile of large, old, rusty keys from his desk draw and gulped the rest of his glass of whisky.

Dr Grindham: All right madam but don't say I didn't warn you. A right bunch of screaming, slobbering, stark staring nutters we have in here.

He let then down some damp, steep stairs into the underground cell area which was filled with the sound of deranged laughing, screaming and animal-like grunting. Water was dripping from the ceiling of the dank corridor and hands were scraping on the doors.

Nancy: This place is 'orrible it is.

The Doctor: Mental health care 19th century style.

Grindham came to one of the doors and inserted one of the keys into the lock. As he opened it they saw a man inside chained to a wall. The room was bare except for straw on the floor. The man was vicious looking, with a dark moustache. He was foaming at the mouth and as they entered he tried to attack then but the chains held him back.

Nancy: Oh sweet Jesus above.

Jack: Right out of his bleedin' 'ead he is.

Dr Grindham: I did warn you. You'll get no sense out of this one.

The Doctor approached the man, who grunted and snarled. She noticed a faint odour of lime in the air as well as large stains on the man's dark suit.

The Doctor: Very clever indeed. I've only seen this once before.

Dr Grindham: Clever? What this raving imbecile?

The Doctor: I was not referring to Mr Kosminski, rather to the plotters who have led him to end up in this state. Do you not smell the faint odour of lime in the air? It comes from the foam spilling forth from his mouth. Mr Kosminski has been poisoned with the extracted juice of the Blood Marigold. One of the rarest plants on earth, found only in southern India. At first the juice, when taken in small amounts, simply exaggerates aggression and any propensity for violence, particularly sexual violence. In larger doses it produces complete insanity such as this. The juice gives off a potent smell similar to lime juice. A man with Fitzwalters' high society connections could have obtained it from someone engaged in work for the Empire in India.

Jack: Ere are you sayin' that this geezer here is the ripper.

The Doctor: Yes Jack. You are looking at Jack the Ripper. What is left of him.

Nancy gave out a scream and ran out of the cell sobbing.

The Doctor: *shouting*Oh for pity's sake Nancy stop pandering to male expectations regarding female sensitivity.

Jack: Ere Doctor have a heart. She's upset.

Jack went out to comfort Nancy. The Doctor stared at Dr Grindham.

The Doctor: Were you aware of who this person is? Were you not suspicious?

Dr Grindham: *In a frightened state* Hey now look I know nothing about this. Sir Ellory brought him here that's all. Said he found him wandering the streets.

The Doctor: This man is a Polish immigrant with blood on his clothes and you asked no questions? I should get you charged with a felony.

Dr Grindham: Look take him away if you want to. Get him out of here. I want nothing to do with this.

The Doctor: He may as well just stay here now as he won't recover. Did Fitzwalters come here alone with this man?

Dr Grindham: Well now that you mention it, there was another fellow with him. A German he was. Sir Ellory called him Klaus. Must have been his coachman. He was a tall fellow with a large, blond moustache.

The Doctor walked out of the cell and over to where Jack was comforting Nancy.

The Doctor: Are there any taverns you know of that are frequented by immigrants? Germans, Poles especially?

Jack: There's the Cross Keys near Blackfriars Bridge. And the Blind Beggar.......

The Doctor: We will need to visit them all. We are about to uncover a conspiracy that may threaten the whole future of Great Britain....... be continued.
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The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper" Empty Re: The 13th Doctor in: "Blood of the Ripper"

Post by sparacus on Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:30 pm

Ok folks, here is the final part of the debut story of the 13th Doctor:

"Blood of the Ripper" Part 10

The Doctor's cab arrived outside The Cross Keys tavern near Blackfriars Bridge, a grim gin joint lit by flickering gas lights. The Doctor, Jack and Nancy stepped out of the cab and could hear the sound of fighting and shouting from within the tavern.

Jack:It ain't safe around 'ere Doctor. Even I wouldn't 'ang around in there.

Nancy: Even my Bill wouldn't 'ang around in there.

The Doctor: Oh stop wining. I thought you two were seasoned veterans of the great unwashed of Victorian London not a pair of wimps. Come on.

The Doctor barged into the tavern and saw two men fighting near the bar with a crowd of drunken thugs egging them on in polish. A woman was being sick near the door and the Doctor nearly trod in it.

The Doctor: Do you mind? I nearly trod in that. Go and find a toilet to vomit in.

Helga: What you mean? I be sick where I want. I get you beaten and raped.

The Doctor: How dare you. What kind of woman are you to suggest that you would incite male sexual violence against another woman? You are clearly suffering from internalised self-hate. *To Jack* Help me get her outside Jack.

The Doctor and Jack grab Helga and drag her outside while the men were still pre-occupied with the fight. The Doctor also picks up a half-drunk tankard of gin and throws it in Helga's face to sober her up.

The Doctor: *To Helga* You are a member of the German community. Do you know of a German man named Klaus? A tall man with a blond moustache.

Helga: What you want with Klaus? He round back getting fresh barrels in. I get him to slash your face up.

The Doctor sighed:

The Doctor: It is a real shame that men like this Klaus have brutalised you. Thanks for the information.

She gestured to Jack and Nancy and they left Helga cursing and swearing and went round the back of the tavern, via a filthy alleyway. As they did so they heard men with heavy accents talking. Peering over a wall they saw Klaus chatting to two much more well dressed men:

Man: You vill be vell rewarded for all you have done so far. Ze Kaiser will reward you personally with more money than you have ever seen.

Second man: However there is vone last job we need you to do.

Klaus: Look I have done my part. The Kelly woman is dead and Kosminski in an asylum. I silenced Fitzwalters as well. All has gone well.

Man: We have been informed by our spies that a blonde voman calling herself a Doctor has been asking awkward questions. She must be eliminated. Remember vot is at stake here. Our scientists are close to inventing a bomb which could destroy the whole of London. One bomb. Then ze Kaiser plans to pay a visit to his grandmother Queen Victoria. He vill insist on meeting her at Balmoral and also in bringing a large number of troops over to guard him. Ven we detonate ze bomb and London is no more, zen ze Kaiser vill offer to help his grandmother restore order by taking over . Vie vill then launch an attack on ze French and also ze Tsar if he makes a fuss. Then Europe is ours.

Klaus: But why did Kosminski have to kill all of those women? Why not just Kelly?

Second Man: Vie must lay false trails. Zie stupid English think that a madman killed Kelly as part of a murder spree. No one vill think of her as zie main victim or look properly into her background. They vill never think to investigate her cleaning jobs and her connection to Greyfriars House. If she had not entered the section of the house where the laboratory was and not overheard our scientists talking about splitting the atom and ze uranium then all of zis could have been avoided. As it vas, zis became also a good way to discredit zie British establishment by implicating zie Prince of Wales' idiot son in a scandal involving sodomy. Zie Kaiser personally approved zie plan as he despises his uncle and cousins.

The Doctor looked ashen faced while Jack and Nancy just looked puzzled.

Nancy: What does all this mean? What is that German on about?

The Doctor: I'm afraid this is worse than I feared. Wilhelmine Germany has been working on nuclear research it seems.You won't know what that means but basically it means a very big bomb. In London as well under the UK government's very noses. I doubt that they are very near to developing a bomb however we cannot take a risk. At the very least we cannot let then get away with besmirching the reputation of the Duke of Clarence. In a few years time there will be a massive war and Britain will defeat the Kaiser. However we must ensure that history stays on this course.

Jack: Ere what do you mean Doc? War? You bin at the gin?

The Doctor: I've told you Jack, I'm a time traveller. I've been to your future. Now we have all the information we need we must take it to the authorities. Come on.

A few hours later, the Doctor, Jack and Nancy emerge from Scotland Yard with smiles on their faces.

Jack:Ere is that it then? It's all over?

The Doctor:Yes Jack it is. Our part in it anyway. Right now the police are raiding both Greyfriars House and the Cross Keys and arresting the German conspirators. Their primitive nuclear research will end and the Kaiser will never get to win his war. History will stay on it's proper course.

Nancy: What about 'im though? The Ripper?

The Doctor:Oh Aaron Kosminski can stay where he is. They'll never let him out as he's too far gone and he'll die and be forgotten. He was just a pawn in the game of the Prussian militarists. Of course the truth will never be allowed to be made public as it is too politically sensitive. So the myth of the ripper murders will continue.

Jack:So that's it so it is then. This has been real excitin' . Suppose it's back to the dilly for me . I'm still the prettiest Mary-Ann in London *gives a roughish grin*.

Nancy: And I'd better get back to my Bill or he'll 'ave me guts for garters. Still as long as he needs me....

The Doctor: Er no. There is no way that I'm allowing you two to go back to your grisly downtrodden lives without first showing you round my TARDIS properly.

Nancy: But what about Bill? He'll be wantin' 'is supper.

The Doctor:Let the lazy drunken oaf get his own supper and stop being a doormat. *To Jack* And you Jack need to learn that there is more to life than the sleazy Victorian underworld. Come on, the TARDIS awaits!


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