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DAX - An 8th Doctor Hunted story Empty DAX - An 8th Doctor Hunted story

Post by Johnstone McGuckian on Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:38 am

Not the first story in the series but my first contribution since The Ghost of Peladon. This story explores the history of bounty hunter Dax Oslea.


The Doctor is working at the console which K9 is communicating with using his nose sensor. Emily enters.

EMILY: What’re you two doing?

DOCTOR: Trying to develop something that will stop us from being tracked. It’s not working too well though.

EMILY: Trying to Stop Dax from finding us again?

DOCTOR: Yes. I still wonder why he’s following us. Most bounty hunters would have given up by now. He must have been offered a hell of a lot.

EMILY: But who’d want you dead that desperately?

DOCTOR: The majority of the universe to be perfectly honest. I’m not overly popular amongst the intergalactic criminal underworld.

K9: Master, the TARDIS has informed me that we have lost all tracing signals. We are no longer been followed.

EMILY: That’s a good thing isn’t it Doctor?

DOCTOR: No Emily. It’s a very very worrying one. It means that something has made Dax back off. Or...

EMILY: Or what Doctor

DOCTOR: Or something has let us pass and not Dax.



The museum is dark. Very little can be seen apart from the silhouettes of display cases. All is silent. But the silence is suddenly disturbed by the sound of the TARDIS landing. A few seconds later the Doctor and Emily step out.

DOCTOR: A museum! I like museums. Although I went to once and they tried to make me into an artefact. I mean, yes, I am indeed very good to look at but cryogenically freezing me and putting me into a case was going a bit too far. I was a lot older back then too. Emily?

EMILY: Yes Doctor?

DOCTOR: I’m talking quickly aren’t it?

EMILY: Yes Doctor.

DOCTOR: Yes, I tend to do that when I’m worried.

EMILY: What’s there to worry about?

DOCTOR: This museum, have you looked at the paintings?

EMILY: What?

DOCTOR: Look at the painting on the wall Emily.

Emily looks at the painting. After a few seconds her eyes adjust to the darkness and she sees that the painting is a portrait of Dax.

DOCTOR: This is a museum about the man that is trying to kill us!



A figure walks along the corridor. It appears to be scanning for intruders.



The Doctor activates the sonic screwdriver. The lights suddenly turn on. In the display cases are pictures of Dax at various stages of his life. In each cabinet is a familiar object.

DOCTOR: I’ve seen some things during my travels but this is just weird.

EMILY: Why is this here?

DOCTOR: Dax has a fan perhaps? Unlikely though. That’s his weapon, it’s unique and I doubt he’d ever part with it, not for a museum anyway.

EMILY: Doctor, that’s his wrist computer! In that case over there.

DOCTOR: I don’t believe it.

The Doctor goes up to the cabinet. He holds up his sonic screwdriver and activates it, the wrist computer reacts.

DOCTOR: It’s the real one. Dax’s real wrist computer.

EMILY: Doctor, look. A screen.

DOCTOR: Oh, those things really annoy me. Unless it’s a game. It’s not a game is it?

EMILY: I’m not sure. Can you make it work?

DOCTOR: This place seems unusually sonic screwdriver friendly. It’s worth a try.

The Doctor aims the sonic screwdriver at the screen and activates it. A video begins to play.



A woman is holding a baby. She is called Icatha. Her brother Nixus is stood next to her.

NIXUS: So, I am an uncle.

ICATHA: Yes, you are. Congratulations.

NIXUS: It’s you who should be congratulated, my younger sister, a mother.

ICATHA: Thank you. Retmus will be home soon, they couldn’t contact him while he was working, he doesn’t know that he’s a father yet. He’ll be so surprised.

NIXUS: What are you going to call him?

ICATHA: I’m not sure yet. Retmus and I shall think of something together.

Suddenly the door is kicked down and a man holding a gun rushes in.

THIEF: Give me anything of value!

ICATHA: I have nothing! Please don’t harm us.

Nixus jumps at the thief who shoots him dead. Icatha screams as does her baby.

THIEF: I can sell that baby to one of the gangs and they can raise him as a mercenary! Give it to me!

ICATHA: No! Please don’t take my baby! Please!

THIEF: Shut up and give it to me now.

The thief snatches the baby from Icatha and runs.



The thief runs while clutching the baby. Icatha runs out of the door to her house.

ICATHA: Save my baby! That man took my baby! Save him! Please save him! Somebody!

A man sees the thief running and chases after him. He slowly catches him up and trips him over. He retrieves the baby. The thief turns around to attack but the man draws a gun and shoots the thief. Icatha runs up to the man.

ICATHA: Thank you. You saved my son. What is your name?

LEVEV: My name is Dax Levev; I work for the government to track down scum like him.

ICATHA: Dax? I shall name my son after the man who saved him. That thief shot my brother too.

LEVEV: I shall get a medical team here as soon as I can.

Icatha looks at the baby in her arms.

ICATHA: You’re ok now, mummy’s got you. Dax.


14 years later


Dax walks in through the door. Icatha and Retmus are sat at a table playing a card game.

ICATHA: And where have you been? It’s late Dax.

DAX: Calm down mother, I was at the holographic recreation area with friends.

RETMUS: Meeting girls were you?

DAX: Father, please don’t attempt to embarrass me. I’m going to study in my room.

Dax walks through the door and into his room.

RETMUS: Sometimes I think he spends too much time studying and working.

ICATHE: Our son is a genius Retmus, he can’t help himself. He shall go a long way. He could even rule this planet one day.

RETMUS: I doubt it. Grelez seems to be staying where he is. He’s been around for nearly as long as Dax has been alive. He’ll go a long way though. He’ll be famous. He’s good at sports too. He could be an athlete. And if all else fails then he can put those shooting skills of his to good use and become a bounty hunter.

Icatha laughs at her husbands joke.


6 months later


It is raining heavily. A squad of men are walking along the street, heading for Dax’s house. They kick the door open.



PRELSEZ: This is CGI; you’ve been accused of conspiring against the glorious General Grelez!

ICATHA: We’re innocent. We support the General.

PRELSEZ: Do not lie. You’re both sentenced to death.

RETMUS: No! We’re innocent.

PRELSEZ: Not according to CGI computers.

RETMUS: Well they’re wrong!

PRELSEZ: It is treason to say that the Generals forces are wrong. Kill them!

The four men with Prelsez all fire on Icatha and Retmus. Dax watches from around a corner. He runs into his parents’ room and pulls out his father’s gun. He runs into the main room and fires at one of the soldiers, killing them.

PRELSEZ: Little sod! Kill him!

Dax dives out of a window. The three soldiers run out of the door. Prelsez remains inside and begins to pour petrol on the bodies.


Dax runs along the street, dodging bullets as he runs. He fires a shot back, hitting one of Prelsez’s men. He runs towards Galsetti Spaceport.


The screen goes blank.

EMILY: The video ends there?

DOCTOR: It looks like some kind of video tour of Dax’s life. They were the original events though, no reconstructions. This is getting even stranger.

EMILY: Look, over there. Another screen.

DOCTOR: The next chapter of the tale perhaps. Come on, let’s have a look.

As the Doctor and Emily leave the entrance the TARDIS suddenly vanishes without them noticing.



K9: Intruder detected!

A Time Lord appears at the console.

K9: Identify yourself!

DOMLI: I am Domli of the high council of Time Lords.

K9: Identify your purpose in this TARDIS!

DOMLI: I’m here to take it back to Gallifrey. Everyone’s been recalled.

K9: The Doctor is not in this capsule.

DOMLI: Oh that doesn’t matter, it’s the TARDIS’ we need.



The Doctor and Emily are looking at the second screen. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver and the screen begins to play…



Dax runs into the spaceport. Alarms and sirens can be heard in the distance.

DOCTOR VO: Galsetti Spaceport! I’ve not been there for a while.



Dax runs up to a desk

DAX: I need to get off the planet, now!

Helor, the attendant looks up at him and fails to recognise Dax’s sense of urgency.

HELOR: Do you have a booking?

DAX: I need a flight now.

HELOR: How old are you?

DAX: I’ve got a death squad after me now get me on to a flight you irritating lady.

HELOR: Oh, you’re a criminal are you?

Helor raises a gun.

DAX: Oh my god. What’s happened to thins planet!

Dax runs into the baggage area. Helor shoots after him. A few seconds later security forces run in. Helor points them to the baggage area. They run in after Dax.



Dax runs as fast as he can, firing a few shots behind him and hitting a soldier. He runs towards the runway. The soldiers carry on after him as fast as they can.



K9: Step away from the console or I must take offensive action.

DOMLI: Do you have an off button?

K9: Negative. Now return the TARDIS to the museum or I will stun you.

Domli stands firm at the TARDIS console so K9 carries out his threat and shoots him.

K9: Begin synchronisation with the TARDIS. I must return to the museum.

The TARDIS suddenly shakes.

K9: Emergency, TARDIS off course!



Dax drives along the runway in a quad bike he found further back. The soldiers are after him on more quad bikes. He pulls up to a warship and runs on board.



In the cockpit Dax activates the controls.

DAX: Good job I read book on piloting, I knew I’d escape one day.

Dax flicks a few switches and the ship starts up. He takes off. On the screen he sees the soldiers pull up on their quad bikes. With a glint in his eye he suddenly activates the weapons control. He drops a bomb them. They all jump on to their quad bikes and attempt to escape but the explosion engulfs them all. Dax flies the ship off into space.



As the latest segment of the video ends the Doctor and Emily hear a sound.

EMILY: What was that?

DOCTOR: I’m not sure, must be a vent or something.

They walk along the gallery a little further.

EMILY: There’s another video.

DOCTOR: How he became a bounty hunter. Interesting.

EMILY: It is, almost too interesting.

DOCTOR: I see what you mean. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’re here. I think we were brought here.

EMILY: Doctor, listen!

They hear the noise again.

DOCTOR: We’re not alone here Emily.

EMILY: Doctor, look!

The Doctor and Emily look to the end of the corridor to see a figure approaching them.

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DAX - An 8th Doctor Hunted story Empty Re: DAX - An 8th Doctor Hunted story

Post by Johnstone McGuckian on Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:39 am


As the latest segment of the video ends the Doctor and Emily hear a sound.

EMILY: What was that?

DOCTOR: I’m not sure, must be a vent or something.

They walk along the gallery a little further.

EMILY: There’s another video.

DOCTOR: How he became a bounty hunter. Interesting.

EMILY: It is, almost too interesting.

DOCTOR: I see what you mean. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we’re here. I think we were brought here.

EMILY: Doctor, listen!

They hear the noise again.

DOCTOR: We’re not alone here Emily.

EMILY: Doctor, look!

The Doctor and Emily look to the end of the corridor to see a figure approaching them.


Emily screams as the figure comes closer. She sees that it’s a robot.

UNIT 1: I am Unit 1 security droid. Identify yourselves.

DOCTOR: Hello, I’m the Doctor and this is my friend Emily. We’re sorry if we’re trespassing.

UNIT 1: Doctor? You are the Doctor? I have orders to allow you around the museum please enjoy yourself and signal for assistance if you need me.

Unit 1 carries on along the corridor. The Doctor and Emily look at each other confused.

EMILY: He knew you?

DOCTOR: I think my theory about us being brought here may be correct. Someone wants us to know about this place. Come on, let’s keep going, it’s the only way we’ll find out anything. Ha look, over there. Dax was the man who shot Kennedy, I should have guessed.

EMILY: The next screen?

DOCTOR: Yes, looks like it’s over there. Come on, let’s get it working.

The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver.



Dax is in his early twenties. He is talking to an old man names Heros.

HEROS: Congratulations, you have passed my tests. You are now eligible to work alone. You are a master craftsman Dax.

DAX: Thank you Heros. My father said I would go a long way and now I finally am. Your training is the best in the universe.

HEROS: Take this; it is a weapon and also a symbol of your success. You will go a long way. That gun is the only one of its type in existence. Keep it with you always.

DAX: This is a true honour Heros. As was having you as a tutor. I must get to the planet Thiros; I already have an assignment.

HEROS: Always in a hurry. Take this too, it is a wrist computer which will comer in useful. You’ll make a good soldier for piece Dax. Never let yourself be corrupted. You are a valuable force for good throughout the universe.

DAX: Thank you Heros, I won’t let you down.


6 months later


The planet of Pyrinos has been engulfed by war for so long that all civilians have been evacuated. The entire planet is a battleground. Dax is with a squad of soldiers walking through an abandoned village. In is squad is a woman named Marana.

DAX: Everyone get down!

A few seconds later a group on enemy soldiers runs around a corner. Dax fires on one of them killing him. All of the soldiers take cover and a gun battle begins. Three of Dax’s men are shot down almost instantly. Marana returns fire and kills one of the attackers.

DAX: Good shot Marana!

Two more of Dax’s men are shot down. Dax throws a grenade which explodes, killing three more enemies. Dax looks around to see that only he and Marana are left alive. He throws two more grenades, killing more enemies. He fires at two more, killing them. He looks to see that they’re all dead and then turns around to see Marana being held at gunpoint by an enemy soldier. Dax runs at him and kicks the gun out of his hand. He punches the man to the floor. Marana shoots him as he’s about to grab his gun.

MARANA: We make quite a good team don’t we Dax?

DAX: We do. I hope we get to work together again.

They move in closer to each other and are about to kiss when another enemy soldier runs around the corner. Dax shoots him down, moves in closer to Marana and kisses her.



The video ends.

EMILY: Dax has a girlfriend?

DOCTOR: A wife if you look at those pictures over there. Wedding photos I believe.

EMILY: But why was he fighting for good? And what happened to Marana?

DOCTOR: There’s only one way to find out.

EMILY: The next video?

DOCTOR: That’s right. Come on.



Domli is still unconscious on the floor. K9 is at the console.

K9: Attempting to regain control. Detect some kind of coordinate lock. Attempting to bypass it now.



The Doctor tries to use the sonic screwdriver on the screen but it won’t work.

DOCTOR: Oh come on! The battery must be going. I really must upgrade this thing one day.

The Doctor throws the sonic screwdriver on to the floor in anger but hurriedly picks it up again. He tries it again and it gives a responsive beep. The screen comes to life.



A wedding is taking place. Stood at the altar are Dax and Marana.

EMILY VO: They got married?

The vicar performs the service. The rings are brought forward.

VICAR: Do you, Dax Oslea take Marana Klimt to be your lawful wedded wife?

DAX: I do.

VICAR: Do you Marana take Dax as your lawful wedded husband?


VICAR: Then I declare you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.

Marana’s family stand up and clap as the couple kiss.



In the reception everyone is dancing to Blue Monday by New Order.

EMILY VO: New Order? I thought they’d have got some better wedding music for the future.

DOCTOR VO: Some things never change.

Marana watches as Dax leaves the hall. She runs after him.



Dax is stood on a bridge in the garden of the hotel. He looks down and watches the water flow. Marana walks up to him.

MARANA: What’s wrong?

DAX: I was thinking of my parents.

MARANA: Oh, right, I’m sorry.

DAX: You have a wonderful family Marana, you’re lucky.

MARANA: They’re your family now too.

She holds up her hand, her ring glistens in the sunlight.

MARANA: This means that you’re one of us now.

DAX: I just wish my mother and father could be here today. I’ll return to Catillo one day and I’ll avenge their deaths. I’ve heard that Grelez is still in control there, I’ll get revenge.

MARANA: And I’ll come with you, I’ll help you. I’ll always be with you Dax; wherever you go I shall follow. Whenever you’re hurt I’ll bathe your wounds. Whenever you’re in danger, I’ll be in danger too.

DAX: Thank you Marana. I’m so lucky to have met you.

Together they walk back towards the building.



Dax and Marana are sat in their shuttle heading towards Iceworld for their honeymoon.

DAX: We’re going to have to pull over at Crystal station for fuel. We can eat there too.

MARANA: Good idea, we’ve been travelling for two days. How far away are we?

DAX: Not too far, just a few hundred miles… Look there it is, is the distance.



The shuttle docks with Crystal station.



Dax is talking to a man about fuel while Marana is looking in a shop. She sees a pair of crystal encrusted shoes and tries them on. Three men dressed in space mercenary suites enter. They walk up to the shops checkout.

MERC. 1: Hand over all your money!

SALESMAN: Space Pirates!

Marana draws her gun and fires a warning shot. 2 of the mercenaries turn and fire on her. She falls to the floor. The salesman gives them a bag of money. The mercenaries mercilessly shoot him. Dax runs in and shoots one of the mercenaries. The other two run to their ship. Dax fires at them and hits one of them. The remaining one runs to his ship and takes off before Dax can stop him. Dax runs back into the shop and to Marana.

MARANA: Dax, is that you.

DAX: You’re ok?

MARANA: No, they shot me with this, a poison dart. I’m been killed slowly. There’s no cure to these things.

DAX: Marana!

MARANA: Shoot me Dax, stop me from suffering. These darts kill with maximum pain. Kill me.

She grasps her head and scrams with pain.

MARANA: Dax please!

DAX: I can’t, all of the times we’ve had together. All of the times we’re going to have.

MARANA: Remember the time when you proposed to me?

DAX: We’d just defeated a Thrian army; we were sat on a beach, bodies amongst us.

MARANA: Yes, and you said… you said to me that you’d tear apart the universe, just to have me by your side.

DAX: That’s right.

MARANA: The pain, I can feel it. Please shoot me my love. Please end it. I love you.

DAX: But I…

MARANA: Please Dax.

DAX: I’ll always love you Marana.

Dax looks away and points his gun at Marana. He closes his eyes and pulls the trigger. A few seconds later he stands up. He sees that one of the mercenaries is still alive. He runs over to the man and kicks him in his shot wound. He screams out in pain. Dax kicks him again and again and again until the screaming stops. He then pulls out his gun and empties the clip into the mercenary. Fuelled by rage he runs towards a battle cruiser that is docked. He climbs into it and takes off.



Dax soon catches up with the mercenary. He fires at his ship which begins to plummet to the planet below.



The planet that the ship crash-lands on is almost completely yellow. The mercenary crawls out of the wreckage. Dax’s shuttle lands next to him. Dax gets out.

DAX: You killed my wife!

MERC 1: She tried to kill me.

DAX: Don’t try and justify it!

Dax pulls out the gun he was given by Heros and shoots the mercenary with it. The mercenary collapses to the ground, his blood staining the yellow grass. Dax looks up, a tear glistening in his eye. He screams.


A man in a suit walks up to Dax.

MAN: That was very impressive. I need a man like you. I need someone who can finish a job. I need a bounty hunter.



The video ends.

EMILY: She died? Marana died?

DOCTOR: Yes. I misjudged Dax; I thought he was just a bit of a sadist but…

EMILY: There’s always more to the universe than you expect. There’s another screen there, should we take a look?

DOCTOR: Yes, come on.

They walk over to the screen. The Doctor activates it.



Dax runs from cover and heads away from a multi-Dalek battle when he comes face to face with another Dalek. Dax grins and feathers his gun in its holster.

DOCTOR VO: I remember this! The Daleks destroyed the planet Cosar. This is when Davros got arrested by the Galactic police federation. Dax helped me against the Daleks but then vanished. I didn’t see him for a while then, not until after I’d regenerated in fact.

DALEK: Exterminate!

DAX: Oh no you don’t!

Dax fires the gun Heros gave him. The Dalek explodes. He listens and hears Davros shouting.

DAVROS: You have no right to arrest me!

Dax hides and sees Davros been taken away by federation police. When they’re gone he follows them, throwing a few grenades behind him and at the Daleks as he goes. He sees the federation ship takeoff on a view screen. He runs towards the escape pod bay and jumps into a pod. A Dalek fires at him as he gets in the pod, it misses. Dax throws another grenade and then launches the pod. The grenade explodes and destroys the Dalek.



The pod lands in a field. He looks around and sees that no one is around. His communicator beeps.

DAX: Yes? ... No I didn’t get to kill him… Yes… Yes I realise that he’s dangerous to your plan… Look, I’ll slip forward a few years and get him in his next life… There’s a time when he goes to Peladon according to my tracer, I’ll get him there.



The screen goes blank.

DOCTOR: That would be the end it seems.

EMILY: Not exactly Doctor.

DOCTOR: Well, we know the rest.

EMILY: We don’t. Look at that door.

DOCTOR: Future section? No, we can’t go there.

EMILY: But Doctor, we may be able to find who’s employing him. We have to look.

Suddenly the TARDIS lands right in front of them. Domli steps out followed by K9.

DOCTOR: Oh, a Time Lord. I should have guessed.

DOMLI: Doctor, listen to me. I have been ordered to take your TARDIS back to Gallifrey; your pet here forced me to come back for you.

EMILY: Oh, well done K9.

DOMLI: This museum, it’s dangerous. It was made from the mind of a nightmare child.

DOCTOR: Someone’s created this place just for us then? That’s why it let me in and not Dax?

DOMLI: Exactly. Now we’re here I may as well get you to look in the future section.

DOCTOR: No, I’m not going in there.

DOMLI: You have t Doctor, quickly and then we have to leave!

DOCTOR: Very well, if you’re sure.

The Doctor, Emily, Domli and K9 move through the door.



DOMLI: Look Doctor, look at the picture there.

They look at a picture of Gallifrey in ruins, the panoptican has collapsed and bodies of Time Lords lie on the ground.

DOCTOR: Gallifrey?

DOMLI: Something’s happening; we picked this up as soon as this place was created. There’s an emergency recall in progress. We must get back.

DOCTOR: Yes, I’ll come.

EMILY: But Doctor?

DOCTOR: It’s my home Emily and it’s in danger. Something is going to happen that will rock Gallifrey to its foundations and only very serious things can cause that, now come on. We’re going to Gallifrey.

The Doctor, Emily, Domli and K9 leave. The picture of Gallifrey sits silently on the wall. The museum begins to fade. As we move closer to the picture we see that the bodies are that of The Doctor, The Rani, The Monk and Drax. Stood over them is Dax Oslea with his weapon drawn. Suddenly a screen next to the picture begins to play another video.



Dax is sat next to a grave. The grave says “Marana Klimt, beloved wife of Dax Oslea, you meant more than the universe”
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